100 Things Worth Doing

History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.
— Kurt Vonnegut

Man, I am just an idea-stealer here lately, but I came across this post at MightyGirl, by way of Les Cadeaux (which I reached for the first time yesterday by way of The Rage Diaries), and knew I had to do it.

The idea is, if your life were to flash before your eyes, what 100 moments would you want to see? In no particular order, here are my memories, 1-25.

1. the day the Princess was born, Nate was holding her and she was sleeping, and when I whispered her name, she opened her eyes.

2. my 24th birthday cake, which read, “Happy Birthday, You Old Bitch!”

3. the utter relief I felt the day after I lost my hearing when I opened the door to my apartment and saw my dad standing there – he dropped his bag and just wrapped me in his arms, and I knew I could just let go

4. kissing a boy “right in the middle of the Plaza” in Salamanca

5. picking berries at Brown’s Berry Patch in the summers at the golf course

6. the 5-day canoe trip down the James River when I was 17 – but I was a counselor, and the kids were young teens, so I lied and told them I was 19

7. sitting on the hood of Aimee’s car in the parking lot of the high school on a spring night, just talking

8. singing These Are Days as a duet with my best friend in college with our a cappella group backing us up

9. dipping my toes in the Mediterranean Sea (that’s what the picture at left is)

10. pulling up the results page for the bar exam, seeing that the names had been posted, taking a moment to take a deep breath, then scrolling down and seeing my name and tears escaping my eyes

11. climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe (all 284 steps) in Paris with my grandmother and seeing the traffic whizzing around the traffic circle below

12. watching the sun set from the top of the Eiffel Tower

13. watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean Sea in Nice

14. meeting Nate and the family at the mall one Sunday when the Conductor spotted me from 25 yards, and he took off running towards me as fast as his tiny legs could carry him and ran into my arms with a giant smile on his face

15. pretending we were a motorcycle gang as we sped on our bikes down the alley behind our house

16. when Luigi ran away and was gone for three months and then when I came home from a Girl Scout camping trip and opened the door, he jumped on me

17. sparklers at dusk in the summertime

18. meeting Aya on the back steps of the dorm – where we’d both gone for a smoke – the first week at college, and knowing I’d found a lifelong friend

19. dandelion jelly with Donna

20. “before the beach”

21. giving the toast at Aimee’s wedding

22. drinking champagne from the bottle

23. catching fireflies

24. Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th Anniversary party

25. the look on my dad’s face as he walked in the door of his 50th birthday surprise party

26-50 up next. Steal this idea, please – or just share a couple in the comments if you’d rather! I teared up reading the posts I stole this from, and I don’t even know those people, so I’d love to read yours!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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