Thanks, Mama

Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together.
— Pearl S. Buck

I know I’m not the only one doing this today, but here are some words of wisdom and other things I’ve learned, courtesy of my mother:

1. When you’re feeling bad, a walk outside will nearly always make you feel better.

2. Sit up straight.

3. Learn a foreign language and use it whenever you can (even if it hopelessly embarrasses your children).

4. Buy that tiny bowl at a yard sale or Goodwill – it’s the perfect size for salsa for one or grated Parmesan for the table.

5. You don’t need to have matching everything – eclectic is interesting (I, the perfectionist, struggle to remember this every time one of Pico’s bowls break and I want to rush down to Ikea and replace it).

6. Thank you notes are not negotiable, even for family members – write them in a timely manner.

7. Yes, you can reuse that plastic bag, and you should.

8. Making your bed takes two minutes and makes a huge difference.

9. If you love your job, you never dread going to work.

10. When you’re a guest in someone’s home, clean up after yourself and always offer to help.

11. Know prices on everyday items; then you’ll know when you’re getting a good deal and should buy more.

12. You shouldn’t worry about things you can’t control, and you probably shouldn’t worry too much about the things you can control either – worry doesn’t accomplish anything.

13. It’s ok to have a few things that are just pretty to look at and serve no other function.

14. Read, read, read.

15. Get informed and get involved in causes that are important to you, and give what you can, whether it’s time or money or a letter to your Congressman.

16. Children don’t have to be born to you to be yours; it isn’t biology that makes a mother, it’s love, kindness, sacrifice, desire, and a big enough heart that make a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! What has your mom taught you?


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Mama

  1. My mom made sure that I was setting a good example for my sister, but as it turns out, she has been a great example for me!
    Love ya;)

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