100 Things Worth Doing, Part 2

Life is not the wick or the candle; it is the burning.
— Unknown

Part 1

26. snow in Salamanca

27. being in my parents wedding when I was 6

28. popping grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve on the roof of our house in Barcelona

29. watching The West Wing with the Wednesday night crew at Andre’s

30. rolling down the hill with D

31. my first (and only, so far) motorcycle ride

32. leaving home in the morning, saying goodbye to a fluffy Shad (our Old English sheepdog) and coming home from school to find her with a buzz cut for the summer, everywhere except over her eyes

33. pretending to be asleep in the car so my dad would carry me inside to bed

34. outdoor opera in Santa Fe

35. driving cross country, from VA to El Paso, with my family, listening to books on tape

36. standing on the famous steps at Cannes (50 or so pounds ago, but man, do I love that picture)

37. JB bugging out so bad seeing Max Weinberg when we went to see Conan O’Brien that she couldn’t muster anything but silent tears for Conan, her one true love

38. Yankee Stadium last April with Aimee and Tim, booing A-Rod in the snow

39. meeting baby Ben for the first time

40. Nate and Molly’s wedding, and the reception after

41. the first time I heard the Princess call me Mel-mel

42. playing with the Conductor – “I am the giantest baby ever!” (because he was)

43. riding on the top of a double-decker bus

44. the day my implant got turned on

45. playing Rose in Bye Bye Birdie in high school

46. mom spending 5 days on a cot in my hospital room in Philadelphia when I had to get my appendix out on vacation

47. “Lance and Joey: We’re legal and we love you!” (the big sign Aimee and I made for the last *NSYNC concert we went to. I’m not embarrassed either – that sign got us on TV and got waves from the boys on stage to us in the fourth row!)

48. curling up in a big chair with a cat in my lap, a good book, and a storm raging outside

49. accidentally ending up with a box of my dad’s stuff after a move and finding it full of stuff Nate and I made for him when we were kids

50. slipping into clean, fresh sheets with nothing on

Part 3

Part 4


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