New Rules

Rules are not necessarily sacred; principles are.
–Franklin D. Roosevelt

For 30 days, starting tomorrow, I commit to doing the following things to feel better about myself and be healthier:

  • In bed by 11, lights out at 11:30
  • One dessert a week (and candy bars after lunch and Slurpees after WW on Tuesdays are desserts, Mel) – choose carefully
  • Floss (I got out of this habit some time ago, and it’s time to get back into it)
  • Four workouts a week, minimum, including at least one weight training session
  • Wash my face nightly (I never do this, and I’ve never really needed to, but I suspect as I get older, it will pay off)
  • Track everything, no excuses – if I can’t figure out the points BEFOREhand, I can’t eat it

Obviously, the hope is that these things become permanent habits, but I’m not going to look that far down the road.  One month.  That’s totally doable.


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