Ah, Youth

Smooth ice is paradise for those who dance with expertise.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Driving home from an appointment this evening, I had the XM radio in David’s car tuned to the 90s station.  After some Goo Goo Dolls, a little Soup Dragons, some Sophie B., what should I hear but . . .

Yeah.  That’s Vanilla Ice.  This song was released in 1990; I was 13.

At 13, I was dying to fit in.  A lot of people I knew at school, who were already into classic rock, hated this song.  I clearly remember repeating one of their derisive comments when this song came up in front someone I was trying to impress: “Oh, all he did was rip off Under Pressure,” I said, trying to sound worldly.  As if I gave a fuck about Queen at 13.  In truth, I loved this song.  I taped it off the radio and spent afternoons in my bedroom with the door closed, playing it over and over, even choreographing a dance routine that I imagined presenting in the talent show at 4-H camp that summer.  It should go without saying that I was not cool at 13.


2 thoughts on “Ah, Youth

  1. I actually liked Queen at that age, but I loved this song, too. In high school, we decided it should make a comeback (like it had really been gone, that long) and we all re-learned the words and some of the dance moves and use to kick it on the front lawn of school.

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