Ice hockey is a form of disorderly conduct in which the score is kept.
— Doug Larson

Things are going to be a little Tumblr-like around here for a bit, I think.  I need to ease back into this blogging thing, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to write long, meaningful, elaborate posts all the time.   So here’s something short, irrelevant, and basic to get us started – three random things about my life right now:

1. We moved at the end of February into a much nicer apartment in an area of NoVa that is way closer to the Metro, which has more than cut our commutes in half (no bus = no waiting endlessly).  Also, the management people don’t suck here, so that is a super bonus.

2. I ordered my wedding dress last month.  It arrives between July 30 and August 15.  So . . . that means I should probably get my ass in gear to get some of this weight off.  Or at least get my back and arms toned up, since I already look skinnier in the dress than I am and could be comfortable getting married in it at this weight if it weren’t for my back and arms.  But, as usual, laziness takes over.  Now that my boot is off, I’m allowed to ride my bike, which is awesome, and I can swim once the pool opens, but I’ve been banned from the treadmill and elliptical for now.  And weights, of course, are good to go.  So let’s see how that goes.

3. The Red Wings are playing right now.  They are down three games to none to San Jose in the second round of the playoffs.  If they lose, their season is over.  I really, really need them to win, or David is going to be miserable all weekend.


One thought on “Tumbling

  1. Good news….the RedWings won last night. As I’m sure you are totally aware of. More good news. Today is beautiful and it’s Saturday and neither of us have any excuses not to get outside and MOVE. I’m going out…how about you?

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