Three Things Thursday #23

Hey, hey
Have you ever danced in the rain
or thanked the sun
just for shinin’, just for shinin’
or the sea
Oh no –
Take it all in, the world’s a show
and yeah, you look much better
look much better when you glow
— Sister Hazel, Change Your Mind

1. The very mild summer we’ve been having so far (which I’ve probably just jinxed)

2. Our first cucumber!  We’re having it for dinner tomorrow!


3. Playing tennis again for the first time in a very long time – like 5 years or more

Tell me what you’re happy about or grateful for today!


4 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #23

  1. 1. Husband who figured out how to burn pictures into a CD for me.
    2. Steak on the grill..even if I DID have to cook it myself.
    3. My green beans (the second planting attempt) have begun to spring from the earth!!

  2. Aimee, that’s what David keeps saying, but with a lascivious grin.

    Oh, Dawn, I’d love to have fresh green beans – are they hard to grow (like, could I grow them in a pot on my balcony?)?

  3. Yes you could grow them in a pot on your balcony. Do you get sun there? I don’t know if you can still find bean seeds now though…go to your garden center and see. Get BUSH beans (they grow about 4-5 inches tall v.s. POLE beans that need something to climb on. On the other hand pole beans don’t come into season all at once…while Bush beans do. So if you HAD something for them to climb on you could do pole beans. Confused yet? 🙂

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