If I cannot horrify, I’ll go for the gross-out.  I’m not proud.
–Stephen King

I was thinking today about this game Aimee and I used to have, Zobmondo.  It’s basically Would You Rather in board game form.  The only question I remember more or less verbatim – because it grossed me out so much – is this one:

Would you rather chew a piece of gum that’s been stuck under the seat on a city bus or suck on a band-aid found in the shower drain at the YMCA?

So?  Which would YOU rather do (neither is not an option)?


4 thoughts on “Randomosity

  1. The gum. I don’t know why. But definitely the gum.

    We call this Death Is Not An Option and we play it all the time when we’re soaking in the hot tub, until somebody drinks too much and puts forth a question that’s like “Have nine kids or be childless” or “break up and never speak to each other again, or learn how to ride a dirt bike”. Then one of us gets mad at the other person’s answer and stomps off. We never learn.

  2. Janey, this is a very popular game. In college, we called “Death is Not an Option” “Who Would You Rather,” and forced each other to choose which of two unappealing men (either famous or not) we would sleep with. We came up with some really outrageous pairings and had endless amounts of fun teasing each other for our choices.

    And Dawn, yeah, I think this is a fairly easy one, but still SO gross. I think it’s the idea of SUCKING on the band-aid that’s the deal breaker for me. Like maybe if I just had to lick it or something, I might choose that one, but the thought of sucking on it is just EWWWWW.

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