I’m #1!

[He] stared as if he would never stop searching for my face, because he knew he would find something good there.
— from The Book of Ruth, by Jane Hamilton

Things David loves, in order (as told to me Tuesday night):

1.  me

2. his big-screen TV

3. the Detroit Tigers


3 thoughts on “I’m #1!

  1. I love that you are number one on his list. I love even more that you are in love with a guy whose baseball team makes the top three. You are so made for each other!! I love you too.

  2. Obviously a guy that loves baseball (but not as much as you) is the perfect guy for you! Congratulations! Sorry that the Detroit Tigers didn’t have a better year for you this season…we here in Michigan hold out hope for next year! Hoping for the Tigers beats watching the Lions any year! 🙂

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