Odds and Ends

I believe if we pay attention, all of us occasionally bump into our own futures.
— from Expecting Adam, by Martha Beck

Twelve days, no posts.  Bad blogger.  Here’s what’s new:

1. I’m getting ready to head to Long Island on Thursday to be in a Saturday wedding of my closest friend from law school.  I am really looking forward to it: my friend and her fiance (also a law school classmate) are perfect for each other and I am honored to stand up for them; many friends from school will be there as well; the dress is gorgeous (not that it matters – you wear what she tells you to wear and shut up about it – but it helps); and David’s coming with me.  He was on the fence, 4 weeks ago when I had to RSVP a number, about whether he wanted to go, but one day on the way to work he handed me a letter.  Among other things, it said he wanted to go with me so we could have our first dance.  Have I mentioned that I adore him?   I’m excited for our first road trip together, and I can’t wait to be at a fancy event with him all dressed up and looking handsome.

2. This weekend was my turn to plan a date weekend.  I stressed and stressed over the restaurant for Friday.  I’m not sure why – maybe because he’s not as adventurous an eater as I am, and so I kept finding restaurants I wanted to try but not seeing anything on the menu I thought he would like.  Eventually I settled on J Gilbert’s, and it was lovely.  The food was delicious (he had steak, as I knew he would) and the service was great, and it was a wonderful night.  Saturday, I picked batting cages and mini-golf.  I’m playing softball in a rec league this fall and I needed the batting practice, and I wanted to challenge David at putt putt.  He kept assuring me there was no way I could win, but win I did, by one stroke.  He kept claiming irregularities in the course (which, incidentally, was not very challenging; we’re going to try another place for a rematch), or that I cheated (which I did not, though I did get pretty lucky, including a hole-in-one), but in the end, the result stands.

Afterwards, we went and wandered around Wegman’s, which is the best grocery store ever, and bought some Spanish wine.  Then we changed and went to dinner at Bilbo Baggins in Old Town, and despite good reviews online, was not very good at all.  But I was really in it for the company, which was fantastic as always.  We got ice cream cones for desert and wandered down by the waterfront, just talking, and then headed home.  Yesterday was a little lazy in the morning, but then, since it was a beautiful day, we took a 9-mile bike ride into DC and back.  Then we came back to my place and made dinner while watching the Emmy red carpet on E, football, the Emmys, more football, and the last game at Yankee Stadium.  All in all, it was a great weekend.  I’m always surprised at the way the weekend seems to last longer the more stuff I pack into it.

3.  Back when I was in Boston, my roommate TequilaMary and I took the ferry to Salem.

Everything touristy was closed by the time we got there, so we just walked around and shopped mostly.  But here are some neat photos of the things we saw.  First, the windows at the Witch Museum:

Now, the garden of a mad genius:

He happened to have the largest sunflowers I’ve ever seen growing there as well (that’s TM’s hand, for scaling purposes):

Wandering down the main street, I came across this beautiful bench and, of course, had to take a picture (because it’s purple):

Finally, the pièce de résistance:

Yeah.  That’s a liquor store called The Bunghole.  So.  Awesome.

4.  It’s time to start looking for a new job.  My current appointment ends early next September, which seems like a long time from now, but in this area, and in my field, it really isn’t that long, so I need to get on the ball.  I never even updated my resume after I started this job, so I really am at square one.  I hate this part, job hunting and interviewing.  It’s like this is the time when everyone figures out what a fraud I am and I’ll never work again.  I hate selling myself.  Maybe I’ll just go be a tollbooth operator.  How bad could that be?

5. New tv this week!  As we speak, How I Met Your Mother is on, Heroes is on next, Grey’s Anatomy is Thursday, and over the next month or so, all my favorite shows come back!  Yay!


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Hurray! New TV! Grey’s! At last, a new season of shows…means less time to study but we cope.

    What a great name for a liquor store, nice catch.

    Good to hear of your happiness. Tollbooth operator? I’m been thinking catcher in the rye myself….

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