I think housework is the reason most women go to the office.
— Heloise Cruse

Ok, here you go – proof that OxyClean really does work:

If you know where to look when you’re in the bedroom, you can just ever so slightly see that the carpet has a kind of greenish tint where the stain was, but I don’t even notice it anymore. Isn’t that amazing? The stuff I used is called Woolite OxyDeep, and it comes in a blue spray bottle (I just checked and realized it’s not an official OxyClean product, I guess, but who cares?).

I wasted hours and $25 renting a steam cleaner from the grocery store that only marginally made the stain better, even after treating it directly with undiluted carpet cleaner first (which just made it turn green). I don’t know what made me think of OxyClean, but I figured it was worth a shot. Let me tell you, I could have saved $20 and nearly all the hours, because you just spray that stuff on, let it sit for a few minutes and blot it up. It will still be damp and it will still keep working. I left it for a while after I first applied it and blotted it, thinking I’d come back to it and do another round, but when I went back in the bedroom, the stain had practically disappeared! Yay!

Also, two things I forgot about the beach:

1. I spend so much time in the pool, that I always forget that ocean water is salty. It’s kind of a unique surprise.

2. All around Virginia Beach there are dolphin sculptures all decorated differently. See:

I’m sorry, what was that? Oh – of course I had to take pictures of all of them!

Sorry things have been slow around here. The thing that was maybe going to resolve itself last Tuesday is still officially unresolved, which is actually much better for me in the long run, but still kind of hard to deal with at the moment, so I haven’t felt much like writing. Or, I have, but I’m not sure what’s really ok to write about right now, so I’ve been kind of taking a break. Hopefully more regular posting will resume shortly!


9 thoughts on “Miscellania

  1. Around here, it’s Dolphins AND Manatees!
    All over the joint.
    Manatee mailboxes, sign holders, etc. You name it, it’s here.

    And your capet looks awesome. I shall check out the Woolite stuff.

  2. Best moment of the post was after the pictures: “Excuse me, what was that?…” Classic.

    And I am very — VERY — excited to know that oxyclean works that well (as a new homeowner… with new carpet… and pets). You should get some sort of royalty check from them for posting a testimonial (complete with photo!).

  3. Jake, you’re right, I should. I’m a lawyer, I should be able to draft a quick little contract!

    Jane and Colleen, it seems like a lot of places have these kinds of things – in Richmond, it’s fish; on Long Island it’s horses (because of Belmont); in Buffalo, it’s, well, buffalo.

    Aimee – I thought I noticed that, but I didn’t say anything because I thought it was just me.

    More content is coming, I swear. Things are a little crazy here at the moment – but in a very good way.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for including the dolphins in your blog. I started the project in honor of my mom who lost her battle with cancer. So to honor her I created these sculptures and I give away all the money to The Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Virginia Aquarium. Last year we donated $125,000.00 to the LAF and $43,000.00 to the Aquariums Dolphin stranding team. I know my mom would be proud. I couldn’t save my mom but, I’d like to think these dolphins will help
    save other mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers. Thanks you again, it means alot. Cindy Graf

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