Unoriginal Post #872

Originality is undetected plagiarism.
— W.R. Inge

Yeah, I stole this from Lyrically. Sue me.

I am: kind of sad
I think: too much about everything
I know: that he cares about me, even if he can’t give me what I want
I want: the fairy tale
I have: good, kind, funny friends
I wish: I was braver
I hate: feeling helpless
I miss: being someone’s girlfriend
I fear: that it’s never going to happen for me
I feel: like going to the bar last night was a waste of make-up
I hear: that Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are engaged, but I haven’t read confirmation of that anywhere
I smell: my own perfume – Colors by Benetton
I crave: touch
I search: for quotes to start each post, usually in my own collection, but sometimes by Google
I wonder: when I’m going to stop hoping it’s him whenever my phone vibrates
I regret: two things
I love: cheese
I ache: for what might have been
I care: too much about almost everything (seriously, no one but me cares if the cat bed matches the living room furniture)
I always: have Chapstick with me
I am not: going to give up
I believe: that spending time with people under the age of 5 is a cure for most of what ails you
I dance: when the feeling strikes me
I sing: all the time, even if it’s only in my head
I cry: more often than is advisable for a professional woman
I don’t always: know the right thing to say
I fight: mostly with myself
I write: less than I should – writing means you have to deal with it, and lately it’s easier to just not deal with it
I win: at the daily Sudoku in the Express
I lose: nothing, ever, but I always worry that I’m going to lose something
I never: want to be the mom whose kids always want to be somewhere else
I confuse: innocent flirtation with actual attraction
I listen: to music as often as I can
I can usually be found: at a computer, whether at work or at home
I am scared: that there won’t be enough time to say everything I want to say
I need: laundry detergent
I am happy about: buying a new bathing suit and being able to swim every day if I want to


One thought on “Unoriginal Post #872

  1. I liked this MeMe – it was a little different 😉 And I never want to be that mom whose kids wish they were somewhere else either… but I’m afraid sometimes that’s true.

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