100 Things Worth Doing, Part 4

Celebrate, we will
‘Cause life is short
but sweet for certain
— Dave Matthews Band, Two Step

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

76. watching football games and drinking beer at Champp’s with Nate

77. Becky’s perfect afternoon wedding on a gorgeous summer day

78. walking into Notre Dame in Paris and literally having my breath taken away by its beauty

79. walking though Ft. Detrick with my grandmother when I was 5 and seeing the giant satellite dishes, asking her what they were, having her tell me that they were “dinosaur dishes” and completely believing her

80. “I heard Billy Joel and I smelled eggs, so I thought I’d come see what was going on”

81. the kissing contest between me, Becky, and Lisa in Salamanca – Lisa won

82. when Brian McCann smiled right at me – after I took this picture

83. waking up from a nap on the couch because Pico was peering up at me, tapping my forehead with his soft paw

84. Thanksgivings at my grandparents, listening to stories about when my grandfather was a little boy

85. Opening Day at Nationals Park, even though the Braves lost

86. spoonfeeding Aimee some of my strawberry milkshake because her hands were occupied feeding Ben

87. every night ever spent at Camelot, a dance club in Salamanca

88. telling my little cousin Sophia, at 3, to stop growing up so fast and hearing her say, “No, I have to get bigger so I can reach the cereal.”

89. riding the Drop Tower at Kings Dominion for the last possible time (for me) with Nate the day before my cochlear implant surgery

90. telling the Princess that it must be “so hard to be 3,” and having her respond by putting her little hand on her hip and saying, “Actually, I’m 4.” (she’s not)

91. the fearlessness of the Conductor in everything he does

92. JB and JH visiting me in the hospital after my surgery, bringing me a bag filled with crazy stuff from the Dollar Store and one of those giant cards, on the envelope of which they’d told the illustrated story of their journey from NY to VA to be with me

93. the Sister Hazel concert with Aimee at Innsbrook, still my favorite picture of us together

94. racing golf carts in the summers with my brother and our cousins

95. watching Aladdin with J and cracking up as he recited, word-for-word, the Genie’s first big scene

96. finding out I was going to be an aunt, both times

97. this day – nothing special, but a bunch of little things conspired to make me happy

98. dinner in Monaco

99. the day I scored a whopping 8 points for my JV basketball team and as I ran down the court heard the opposing coach shout to his team, “Watch out for #13!”

100. my first Komen race in Boston (ok, this is cheating, because it hasn’t happened yet, but I know it’s going to rank right up there)

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2 thoughts on “100 Things Worth Doing, Part 4

  1. I think this collection of blogs is my favorite one you have done so far….it is so many emotions rolled up into a list of inspiration. And one of the best things about it for me is that some of your happiest experiences involved me. I feel so lucky to have you as my best friend!!!

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