100 Things Worth Doing, Part 3

And I want you to remember
All wild deeds live on
All good times, all good friends
— Jackson Brown, All Good Things

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51. post-high school graduation antics in the Taco Bell parking lot: walking through the drive through, driving through the drive through backwards (“Sir, you’re going to have turn the car around.” Jeff: “My car only goes in reverse, Ma’am.”), dancing to the car radio

52. driving down Route 1 late at night with nowhere in particular in mind and ending up in P’s driveway

53. the post-wing night peeing in the woods at the edge of the parking lot at school (because we really had to pee and the dorm was too far away), followed by someone pulling into the parking spot directly in front of us, spotting us and turning on their brights, and us dying laughing, too drunk to be mortified

54. JB and JH singing the All in the Family theme song (in character) on the CB radio, driving down the Garden State Parkway

55. the hour and a half at the end of the work day two days ago that I spent shooting the breeze with my favorite work person instead of working – laughing, joking, flirting

56. the absolute flood of tenderness that washed over me when I was watching Transamerica with my mom, during the scene where Felicity Huffman’s character got tangled in the hose of the gas pump, and my mom chuckled and shook her head and said, “That happens to me all the time.”

57. riding on the back of the four-wheeler with my arms wrapped around Nick – I’m 14, he’s 17, I’ve just met him, I’m wearing his purple sweatshirt – driving across the bridge across the creek at Uncle Joe’s and through the woods on the other side; we come out of the dark of the woods into a meadow, and the sun is shining and the sky is clear, and it’s as close to a movie moment as I think I’ve ever had in my life. (He only lives to be 23, which makes this memory all the more poignant.)

58. August 31, 1993

59. finding out my professors had chosen me for a special scholarship at law school graduation

60. the way I could stand on one side of the living room from Sierra, open my arms wide, call her name, and have her come bounding across the room and leap into my arms

61. the party at Aimee’s in high school that included sleeping outside on the trampoline and a trip to the Omlette Shop at 4 in the morning in a speeding convertible driven with the top down by a handsome, blue-eyed boy

62. all of us calling in to work the next day, too hungover to do anything but hit Pizza Hut and then the movies

63. at my parents’ house the Christmas before I lose my hearing, my dad calls me downstairs and plays me a recording of him singing and playing All Along the Watchtower

64. wearing Nate’s jersey number for Powder Puff football in high school

65. taking Karen on her first-ever subway ride – and she survived!

66. knowing dinner at Nate’s house is over when the Princess says, “Mel-mel, would you like to come see my special dance?”

67. the Conductor all decked out in the Princess’s dress up clothes – shoes, rings, tiara, and Cinderella dress

68. finding and adopting Hero and Chaplin when they were just tiny kittens and raising them on formula til they were big enough to fend for themselves

69. catching Grandpa’s eye across the room and getting an impish wink

70. coming downstairs on Christmas morning at age 4, when I lived with my grandmother, seeing a purple tricycle under the tree and asking, “Is it for me?” as if there might be another 4-year-old in the house who’d wanted a purple tricycle

71. laughing through my tears at the end of Bill’s memorial service when Friends in Low Places began to play

72. dinner at Fager’s Island in Ocean City with my grandparents in the summer when they play the 1812 Overture as the sun goes down

73. fresh mojitos at Havana Central in Times Square with Aimee

74. driving to the golf course with Grandma early on summer mornings, passing the time by singing: Mairzy Doats, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Do Your Ears Hang Low, Skinnamarink, You Are My Sunshine

75. strolling the Sunday market in Old Nice

Those of you who have done this, I’ve enjoyed reading yours so much. If you’re not planning to do your own, or you’re not a blogger, will you share some of your moments in the comments?

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  1. Oh, I have to edit it to fix that! That’s how I always heard it, but when I figured out that it meant something else, I assumed Mares Eat Oats was its real name, and I didn’t google before I wrote it!

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