Reasons Today Was Awesome

We may never find our reason to shine
But here and now this is our time
And I may never find the meaning of life
But for this moment I am fine
— Rob Thomas, Streetcorner Symphony

I don’t think I’ve ever posted twice in one day, but I feel happier right now than I have in some time, and I wanted to share it with you:

  • The weather, which started out cool, foggy, and drizzly, turned out to be warm, sunny, and gorgeous – it made the walk to the Metro and home from the bus a pleasure.
  • The weather also vindicated my choice to wear my favorite dress today with bare legs, and I felt great.
  • I realized The Office is back with a new episode tonight.
  • I’m on day 2 of what I’ve decided is going to be a “no sweets” week (because I kind of need to detox), and it’s not giving me any trouble at all.
  • I finished Jane Eyre on the bus home tonight, and I just loved it. And now, I get to start a new book!
  • I was going to run last night, but when I got to the gym, all the treadmills were taken, so I did the elliptical instead and switched my running day til tonight – and when I got home from work today, the piece I’d ordered to hook my processor up to my iPod was here, and this time it was exactly the piece I needed, so I had music for my run again!
  • In the last three minutes of my run, a song by my dad’s band came on, and it turns out to be the perfect beat to run to.
  • Then, just as my cool down started, Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas came on, and I love that song so much and after all the rest of the goodness of the day, I actually teared up with happiness.
  • I’m sitting in my apartment with all the windows open, smelling Virginia in the spring, which is one of my favorite things in the world.

But here’s the news that made my day the most:

  • J emailed me to say that he and his wife are moving back to the east coast, and they’ll only be about an hour from me! He’d told me when I was in Texas that it was a possibility, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. It’s a gift to have such an old friend be just up the road from me again.

I hope all of you had good days too!


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