What’s in a Picture?

“I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear.”
— Freddy Mercury

I got this computer two months after the Princess was born almost four years ago. In that time, the only pictures ever to be my desktop wallpaper have been of her, and once the Conductor was born, of the two of them together. My favorite of the Princess was this one:

After the Conductor was born, I only ever used pictures of them together, because in my head, I hated “choosing” between them, and I always wanted to have both of them in sight. It took this picture of the Conductor to get me to break that rule:

But Saturday, I was catching up on some news from Friday, watching video of something I missed live Friday morning, and I was transported back to, oh, let’s say 1991 or so, and I came across a picture that I just knew immediately I had to have where I could see it all the time (the computer desktop is the bedroom wall of a 30-something, I think), and so I replaced this picture of the Princess and the Conductor (in all their princessy finery)

with this (only bigger):

I promise, I feel appropriately guilty.


5 thoughts on “What’s in a Picture?

  1. You know the princess looks like you a little bit, right?
    And Thank goodness I was already smoking pot and not of *that* age for *those* guys.

  2. Lyrically, Joey was mine – he was the youngest, just a bit older than me, so in my head, it could actually happen!

    Colleen – that’s what they say, but I think she looks like her mama, with those blue eyes and little nose. But I will take that as a compliment! And pot?? Well I never! 😉

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