Cheap Date

There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.
— Dan Greenberg

My cat, Pico, has a beautiful bed that I bought him at Pet Smart several months ago. I spent, I think, $25 on it:


I bought it because it matches my living room furniture, red and khaki, and he seemed to like it just fine for a while, even if he couldn’t quite figure out how to fold himself into it:


But then I went and bought running shoes. I took them out of the box in the living room and left the box on the floor. Next thing I know, Pico took up residence:


I didn’t have the heart to take the box out to the recycling because he looks so cute trying to squish his considerable girth into that little rectangle. Luckily, though, I recently opened some presents that were covered in tissue paper, and Pico has now appropriated an errant piece of it for his bed, so we’re good:


Do your pets do weird things like this, too?


8 thoughts on “Cheap Date

  1. My cats do totally weird things. One of them loves boxes, just like Pico apparently.

    Pico don’t look so pico. 🙂

    I’m glad my cats let me live here.

  2. Oh, very definitely! I used to (18 years ago) have a cat that looked very much like your Pico. He and his brother George liked to sleep on top of the kitchen cupboards when I wasn’t home. The first time they did this I couldn’t find them for the longest time. Me walking around a one bedroom apartment calling for them, they not showing up or making any noise. Me thinking they have somehow escaped outside while I was at work, even checking the window screens to see if they were intact. Finally seeing them up there staring complacently at me. These cats who NEVER got on the kitchen counter, had to do that in order to get where they were. I think we make rules just to make ourselves feel better, the cats obey rules when we’re around so we feel better. But the reality is oh so much different!

  3. Wrecks is getting more and more peculiar with age. He has become intolerant to any kind of change. Which is not good, because our house is under construction. He won’t walk in rooms that are hardwood and used to be carpeted. He will only walk through torn down walls in the place where the door used to be. It’s both sad and entertaining to see what new quirk he’ll demonstrate next.

  4. Aww, Jane – pretty soon he’ll be stuck in one room won’t he?

    And Spike, Pico’s full name is Picasso – I named him that because when he was a kitten, he looked like he was painted (Aimee came up with the idea to call him Pico) – it’s got nothing to do with his size (obviously). Actually, I joke that his Indian name is Little Head Big Butt because when he sits, he’s like an isocoles triangle, with a little tiny head and a big giant bottom!

    Dawn, Pico’s taken to climbing on the table and the counters too, which he’s never done before. I might have to break out the spray bottle soon.

  5. I’m pretty much in love with Pico!
    Handsome little devil he is.

    Ginger (sadly left me on 1/29) was a box kinda girl.
    Like a big, giant cardboard box. Always amazed me how high she could jump to get in them.
    Her other favorite thing was to bounce the kitchen cabinet doors open until she could get in and curl up in a corner behind the pots and pans.

    I love cats!
    And like Spike said, I’m glad they let us live with them 🙂

  6. Ah, Pico….still up to your old tricks I see. I remember him doing this since he was a kitten! I wish I could post pics in my comment (I probably can but I’m not sure how) of that pic of him in one of the holes in the wicker wine rack—and the one with him straddling the arm of that big red couch. C’mon, finding residence in a shoebox is nothing compared to the wine rack!

  7. Coll, I’m so glad to see you! I just GSO’d you last night because I hadn’t seen you in a while and I wanted to make sure everything was ok. I’m sorry about Ginger; sounds like a good girl.

  8. And Aimee, yeah, I totally should have known better than to buy him a real bed, but it matches my furniture! How could I resist?

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