Reverb10: Day 22 – Travel (Part 1)

Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, “I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.”
— Lisa St. Aubin De Teran

Finally caught up!  Since we’re leaving for holiday travel tomorrow, I’ll probably quickly be behind again, but, oh well!  Today’s prompt:

How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year? (Author: Tara Hunt)

This is easy.  Obviously, we took the big trip at the end of the summer.  (This post is going to be phot-heavy, so I’m going to split it into at least two posts.)

We flew to Chicago, then caught the train (romantically called the Empire Builder) and rode it all the way to Seattle – two overnights on the train.  We had our own sleeper car:

The seats covert into a lower bunk, and the top bunk swings down from overhead.  It was a little cramped, but it was definitely worth the experience.

We rode through some of the most gorgeous parts of the country.  We crossed the Mississippi:

There’s a line in an Indigo Girls song that goes, “Well, the Mississippi’s mighty, but it starts in Minnesota at a place that you can walk across with five steps down” – I heard that in my head as we, indeed, crossed the river in Minnesota.  We spent much of the night in North Dakota; in fact, we pulled through Fargo, where I was born, at about three in the morning.  The next day was spent largely in Montana, which was gorgeous and made me dream of Legends of the Fall:

The next morning, we rode through the Cascades, which was unbelievable – we want to go back and spend some time there:

I took that last one (well, all of these, actually) through the train window.  I can’t believe how well this one turned out.

We pulled in to Seattle, took a cab to the hotel, and immediately went down to the Public Market:

Later we headed to the Space Needle, just as the sun was going down:

Mount Ranier was off in the distance:

The next day we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island, went to the Mariners game, and toured underground Seattle.  We left Seattle the next morning, but not before taking a peek at the Fremont Troll, who lives under the bridge:

Our next stop was Mount Saint Helens, and I don’t even have any words, so we’ll just let the pictures talk for a little while:

We headed to Oregon next – tune in for Part 2!


3 thoughts on “Reverb10: Day 22 – Travel (Part 1)

  1. Hi Mel! I’ve been catching up on your blog, and you (and my new MacBook!) are inspiring me to start writing again ASAP. We’re also planning a trip to Seattle & Portland in the summer, so I can’t wait to see part 2, and will be picking your brain at some point! 🙂

    • Oh, Julie! I was just thinking about you and wondering if you’d abandoned your blog completely. I’m so glad to see you’re going to give it another shot, and I can’t wait to read it again!

  2. What a great trip that was! I was looking at train schedules last week, inspired by you, and would very much like to take a train to San Fran, where my college roommate lives…how cool would that be! Darn job.

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