Looking Back, Looking Ahead

There are two distinct classes of what are called thoughts: Those that we produce in ourselves by reflection and the act of thinking, and those that bolt into the mind of their own accord.
— Thomas Paine

I keep thinking of things to write about, but then I either forget them by the time I have time to write or I end up too lazy to actually take the time to write.

I’m not making any big promises, but I’ve challenged myself to focus more on this space by following Lydia‘s lead and signing up to participate in Reverb10.  As I understand it, it’s a project to get you thinking about the year that was and the year you want in 2011.  The deal is, each day a new prompt will be posted and I will create something — either here, on Twitter (follow me: @MelanieHMITH), or on Flickr (HearMeintheHarmony) — in response to the prompt.  That means every day during a very busy month I will take some time to reflect, which can only benefit me.

I hope it will also get me back in the swing of writing here.  I miss it, and though I’m sure I’ve lost most of my readers due to inactivity, I hope those of you who are left will welcome me back.

I will tag all my posts, photos, and tweets with the #reverb10 hashtag, and I’ll add a Reverb10 category here, so you’ll be able to find the posts/photos/tweets easily.  As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.


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