Snowmageddon 2010

When snow falls, nature listens.
— Antoinette van Kleeff

Not to be confused with Snowpocalypse 2009.  Here’s some photos from Saturday:

up to my knees

fronts of our cars

backs of our cars

For this next one, I said to David,” People usually park on this part of the street.  Good thing no one was parked there when the tree fell.”  David said, “Look again.”

fallen tree

There’s an SUV under there!

Chipotle sign

It was a LOT of snow – we got at least 22 inches – but it was so beautiful:

snowy creek

jungle gym

bendy trees

winter wonderland

The government was closed today, so neither David nor I had to work, and we just got word that it’s closed again tomorrow, so – SNOW DAY!  Of course, another storm is moving in, and it’s predicted to drop between 10 and 20 inches on the area, so we may not work Wednesday either.  I could get used to this!

Hope you’re all snug in your homes, whatever the weather!


4 thoughts on “Snowmageddon 2010

  1. Oh, I wish we would get a big snowstorm, like that. Last night, about 3 inches fell. I’m at work. Boo. I want enough snow where everything is closed and no one has to go to work.

  2. Very pretty! I especially like the jungle gym photo. Have fun on your snow day. We’re expecting 6 to 10 inches by tomorrow night. The good part about not being able to find work is that I don’t have to drive in it if I don’t want to. Other than to go get the dog who is at the groomer. Should go get her before it gets worse. I suppose.

  3. Those are fabulous pictures. Love the ones with the bendy trees, that is just so neat. We only got about 4 inches last night, and I must say for everyone’s complaining around here, it has been pretty mild. We have only had around 4-5 storms all winter.

  4. This looks so beautiful! We had a small snow storm and a few lhgiter ones here. And the temperatures are mostly still above freezing. Unbelievable for December!

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