Three Things Thursday #49

Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.
— Ernestine Ulmer

1. Those chocolate crunchy bits you only find in ice cream cakes.

2. My shiny new purple iPod nano that arrived today, an early birthday present from my parents!  (But really, FedEx, who do you think you’re kidding with this:

“No one will guess there’s something under here!  It’s foolproof!”)

3. That I went to the grocery store last night, so I don’t have to contend with the crazies tonight – there was literally not a single empty space in the whole shopping center parking lot when I rode by on the bus tonight, and the line to turn into the shopping center was backed up three blocks!


One thought on “Three Things Thursday #49

  1. Happy almost birthday to you! Yea..the FedEx guy (or girl) was on drugs if they thought THAT was smart!

    Snuggle down now and enjoy the snow storm from inside where it’s safe!

    1. No “powerhouse” storm up here in Michigan
    2. My sister had a good day on her birthday today.
    3. Katie the dog is almost all better from her intestinal ailment.

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