Three Things Thursday #48

A penny is a lot of money if you haven’t got a penny.
— Yiddish proverb

1. Digital coin counters – I ended up with one of these in a Secret Santa exchange at work this Christmas, and David and I had the most fun time transferring all our accumulated change into it and watching the number get higher and higher.  You probably think we’re weird, but it’s the little things, and we can have fun doing almost anything together.

2. Watching Friends on DVD from start to finish (this was my Christmas present from David last year, but we didn’t get started on them until recently – after we finished the West Wing and the Sopranos) – I know practically every episode by heart, and nearly every day, something in my life happens that reminds me of a Friends episode.  Jane will understand.

3. New books

How about you?


5 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #48

  1. Oh my gosh. I have a ton of Friends DVDs, though not the entire series. I also set my DVR to record all the TBS reruns.

    Which might explain why, for the past week, as I’ve recovered from a horrible cold that has left me with very little voice, I’ve been walking around singing “My Sticky Shoe” and ordering people to fetch me a whiskey.

  2. Thought of you again this afternoon. Somebody in my office used the word “pivot”. Which will always send me into a fit of giggles, for the rest of my life.


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