10 Days: Day 7 (Toronto)

In any world menu, Canada must be considered the vichyssoise of nations.  It is cold, half- French, and difficult to stir.
— Stuart Keate

So when I said last time that I hoped it wouldn’t take me two weeks to blog the next leg of our vacation, what I really meant was, “See you in 6 weeks!”  Sorry.

Anyway, we left Buffalo Thursday morning – another beautiful day – and headed north.  We crossed the border with no problem and checked into our hotel, which was connected to the Rogers Centre where the Blue Jays would play that night.  We immediately set out on foot for the Hockey Hall of Fame; David’s been wanting to go there for a long time.  Of course, I made him pose for pictures:

IMG_2417 (Large)

IMG_2420 (Large)

But I got in on it too!

IMG_2421 (Large)

There was so much to see, but the crown jewel is the Stanley Cup, which we got our picture taken with:

HHOF photo (Large)

Then we wandered our way around town a bit before heading back toward our hotel and the CN Tower.  This is what it looks like from the ground:

IMG_2412 (Large)

Wow, right?  Well, we decided to go to the top.  David, who is afraid of heights, was a good sport on the way up, even though the elevator has glass peephole in the floor:

IMG_2429 (Large)

But that was nothing compared to the glass floor at the top, which freaked even me out:

IMG_2450 (Large)

There were a ton of kids up there, and none of them were scared; they were lying all over the glass floor, face down, or running back and forth all over it.  I could barely look down, but I forced myself to walk across the glass part once.

IMG_2448 (Large)

Then we took in the view, which was amazing.

IMG_2436 (Large)

IMG_2441 (Large)

I took a panoramic “stitch” shot with my camera, but I don’t actually know how to stitch them together to show you (that’s part of #78 on my list – learn three features of my digital camera; haven’t gotten around to it yet!) so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

We headed back to the hotel for a few minutes to rest before heading downstairs, out the door, and around the corner to the baseball stadium to see the hometown Toronto Blue Jays take on the Evil Empire, aka the New York Yankees.

IMG_2453 (Large)

With apologies to Karen, who is a Red Sox fan, here are some photos of some famous Yankees:

IMG_2464 (Large)


IMG_2466 (Large)


IMG_2468 (Large)


IMG_2500 (Large)


Our seats were about 4 rows up from the field.  At one point, A-Rod chased a pop up into foul territory and ran smack into a Canadian police woman.  What’s awesome about that?  Well, in one of those  pictures, you can sort of see me and David!  Here, I’ll show you:

A-Rod photo EDITED

Great, right?  We’re famous!  Anyway, the game was just ok, really, and the Yankees trounced the Jays, but I was psyched to complete my goal of seeing three games in three different stadiums.

IMG_2482 (Large)

All in all, I really enjoyed our trip.  We definitely did not have enough time to do everything we wanted to do, so we are planning a return trip at some point.  You can check out the rest of my Toronto pictures on Flickr, if you like!


One thought on “10 Days: Day 7 (Toronto)

  1. Very very very cool! Love the photos, especially for some reason, the photo of the jersey’s at the Hall of Fame…liked the colors I guess. Also so neat the photos from the needle…especially the ones of the ball field below. And you two are such a cute couple! And an almost famous couple at that!

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