Three Things Thursday #37

My soul is full of whispered song;
my blindness is my sight;
The shadows that I feared so long
are all alive with light.
— Dying Hymn, by Alice Cary

Today, the happiness is hard to find, so let’s focus on things I’m grateful for:

1. that a wonderful, smart, kind woman isn’t in pain anymore

2. that she had the best possible care — in her own home, which she loved so much — until the very end

3. that the people who loved her had the opportunity — one not afforded to many — to make sure she knew how much she was loved


3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #37

  1. I’m so sorry Melanie. But it’s good that you can still be grateful for some things even with your sadness. Is this woman someone you can share with us? Because sometimes it helps to tell the story, so that we can all shoulder a bit of your pain.

    Things I’m thankful for:

    1. Your blog that generally makes me realize how lucky I am.

    2. Doing something I love for a living.

    3. Warm dog on my lap.

    Heartfelt hugs to you and yours…

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