Three Things Thursday #31 and #32

Oh! ‘darkly, deeply, beautifully blue’
As someone somewhere sings about the sky
— Lord Byron

It’s a supersized edition to make up for last week!  Here’s what I’ve got:

1. this very recent picture of the Princess (probably my favorite that I’ve ever taken of her):


2. the (truly) vintage wedding dress my cousin wore for her wedding last weekend – sleek, simple, and gorgeous, and handed down from our moms’ cousin

3. that my mom’s side of the family loved David and that he was included in all our family pictures at the wedding

4. a 10-day road trip with someone you don’t mind spending 10 days in a car with

5. this building on the Chicago River, where I have decided I want to live:


6. seeing three baseball games at three different major league baseball stadiums in three different cities in four days

What are you happy about this week (or what were you happy about last week?)?


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #31 and #32

  1. 1. Sunny late summer (I refuse to consider this fall yet) days and long walks.
    2. Beets from my own garden.
    3. Vacation invites from old friends in the beautiful north country.

    LOVE the picture of the princess, and also love that Chicago building…wonder what the apartments look like inside? Reminds me of the Jetsons…

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