Michigan and #16

California is beautiful to look at, but you can’t be a part of it like you can in Michigan.
— Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Our weekend in Michigan was low-key, relaxing, and wonderful.  The Eagle Court ceremony was really nice, but seeing all the teenage boys made me glad I’m not a teenager anymore.  I had forgotten how awkward the teen years can be.

The weather was gorgeous, and we kept driving by all of these adorable little houses, many of which were for sale, and I imagined that I might actually like to live there one day.  Then David reminded me that winter in Michigan is a lot like winter in Buffalo, with which I have a passing familiarity, and that idea was promptly set aside.  Still, I love to imagine where our life together might take us, and you never know where you’ll end up.

I really enjoyed spending time with David’s family; they are lovely people, truly.  And we hung out with his friends and barbequed Saturday night, and while I mostly read once the activities turned to Rock Band, that was fine by me, because he was having a good time with people he doesn’t get to see very often.  It made me happy that he was happy.

Oh, also, I got an adorable new bag at Meijer for under $5!  It’s perfect!


That’s not a great picture, but it’s purple and gray, and I love it!  It holds everything I need with plenty of room to spare and it’s totally comfortable to carry.  Yay!

Also, in 101 in 1001 news, I’m pleased to announce I’ve accomplished my first task, #16: Yelp! Fat Matt’s.  See my review here!  Only 100 more to go!  I think the next thing to tackle is the letter to myself (#95) and putting my recipes into a binder (#29).


One thought on “Michigan and #16

  1. Glad you had fun in Michigan…I don’t think our winters are nearly as bad as Buffalo…but I guess it’s all in your perspective. Buffalo gets all that lake effect snow…Detroit gets way less. But NO snow would be even better! Cute bag!

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