You need three things in the theater – the play, the actors, and the audience – and each must give you something.
— Kenneth Haigh

I’m really pushing it today to get this in under the wire.  As it is, my posts on Reader make it look like I missed a day and posted twice on the 24th, but I swear that’s Reader’s fault for not updating in a timely manner and not mine!

Today, we finally got to go see Second City’s Barack Stars.  There was a snafu with the tickets last weekend and we didn’t get to see it then, but we got it all worked out for today.  The theater was quite small – intimate, I believe is the proper term – and every seat was filled.  The show – the parts I could understand – was great.  But there was a lot of fast talking and dropped punchlines (you know, how sometimes you lower your voice at the end of a joke to make it sound funnier?), and, of course, laughter that obscured some lines, so it was enjoyable, frustrating, and sad for me all at once.  David, though, was cracking up the whole time, and he’s been having such a crappy, busy time at work the last month or so, so it was so great to see him smile and laugh for two hours straight.   The best line of the show?  “Honey, what do you think about this abortion bill?”  “Pay it.”

At the end, after the show, the actors – there were six of them – came back on stage to do a little improv exercise.  They sent two of them (one man, one woman) out of the room, and the others asked the audience for three words – we came up with bodacious, legerdemain, and conjugate.  The other two came back in, and in teams of three (men v. women), the two that had heard us choose the words had to act out each of the three words.  It was like the very best game of charades I’ve ever seen.  A lot of fun to watch.

We just got back from playing putt-putt at the hardest course I’ve ever played.  Remember back in September, I planned a date weekend for me and David that included miniature golf?  And remember how I won, and David kept insisting I cheated (because he’s a sore loser – though he’s totally teasing)?  So this was a rematch, and man, did I ever tank.  Though I was, again, the only one of us to score a hole in one (and I got to yell “Get in the hole” like the spectators do at real live golf events), I still lost by eleven strokes.  I’m not even kidding.  But David was happy so that was good.  I’ve been kicking his behind at tennis for three weeks running (10-4, 10-8, 6-4) and on the way home tonight he said, “Finally, I beat you at something besides thumb wrestling.”  Hee.  For the record, he also beats me at arm wrestling and checkers.   Like, kicks my ass at checkers so badly it makes me cry.

Anyway, it’s bedtime now.  Maybe I’ll get some reading in.  I’m reading My Sister’s Keeper by Jodie Picoult because I want to see the movie and I know the movie ends differently from the book, so I want to be able to compare them.  Have a great Monday, everyone – see you tomorrow!


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