Three Things Thursday #21

The cherry tomato is a marvelous invention, producing as it does a satisfactorily explosive squish when bitten.
— Miss Manners

1. Our tomatoes, finally turning red!
IMG_2129 IMG_2130

2. Our cucumbers, finally revealing themselves!


3. My (recently) new external hard drive, which saved my computer from being overrun by photos.

Lots of sad news in the entertainment world this week, but there’s still good things happening.  What are you happy about or thankful for today?


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #21

  1. Man is it Thursday already? LEt’s see:

    1. I’m glad to be in the initial stages of planning a trip to hike down into the Grand Canyon in 2010.

    2. I’m glad that Michigan got awarded the assembly of the new General Motors small car so maybe my husband won’t have to retire.

    3. I’m glad that we had rain yesterday and that today is a tiny bit cooler.

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