The Princess Turns 5

May you live all the days of your life.
— Johnathan Swift

And she’s as princess-y as ever, let me tell you.  Here she is, decked out in her birthday finery:


It’s the shoes that kill me.

There was trampoline fun for everyone!



There was a piñata – princess-themed of course.


David suggested I appreciated the irony of beating the princess-themed piñata to pieces (I’m anti-princesses).  He wasn’t entirely wrong.


There was a cook out and cake.  Before I say anything else, let me once again commend Molly on her cake craftiness.  She asked the Princess what kind of cake she wanted, and she made it happen.  That said:

IMG_2122.JPG edited

Hannah Montana?  When did my sweet, innocent, princess-loving niece discover Hannah effing Montana?  God help us.


When I asked Nate if the Princess wanted anything special for her birthday, he told me that when he asked her, she said “Flip-flops,” so I headed to the flip-flop extravaganza that is Old Navy and picked out two pairs.  I knew which ones she’d love most, and I was right.  Here she is, modeling both her new dress from her other aunt, and her new favorite flip-flops:


I wish I’d taken video of this – she was sashaying back and forth in the living room like a model, flipping her hair, with her little hand on her hip like that.  I was dying.  She is too grown.  God, I love her.


One thought on “The Princess Turns 5

  1. And may she always be as happy with a gift of flip-flops as she is at 5! She’s beautiful! I think she looks quite a lot like you might have at that age. Can’t say for sure of course, but there’s some of you in there.

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