The Visitor*

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
— Vincent VanGogh

David called me downstairs sometime after 11 last night because he thought he saw a fox on the balcony.  To be fair, he could only see the shadow of the critter’s head at first, but it was obviously not a fox on the third floor balcony, but this little guy:

Raccoon on balcony 4/9/09.

He left about 10 minutes after we spotted him, shimmying down the corner pole.  He didn’t seem to do much (even when we weren’t shining a spotlight on him), and I hope he doesn’t do any damage to our plants.  What do raccoons eat, anyway?

* You should see the movie with this name – it is excellent, and I kind of fell in love with Richard Jenkins a little bit.


One thought on “The Visitor*

  1. We get raccoons, but we’re not on a third floor! This guy must have wanted to check out your garden pretty badly to climb 3 flights of post! Maybe he smelled tomato plants (the leaves ARE pretty pungent!) and thought he’d find a juicy ripe tomato up there!

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