Three Things Thursday #8

The great quality of Spaniards is their vitality.  This is not a surface vitality like that of the Neapolitans, but involves their whole nature.  It makes them a pleasant people to live among.
— from Thoughts in a Dry Season, by Gerald Brenan*

1. Ordinary places that take on special meaning due to events that happen or people you meet (I can pinpoint when I made this entry by its place among the others above and below it – it’s from when I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain during my junior year in college – and there are too many places there that became special to me)

2. Enjoying working out and looking forward to going to the gym

3. Organizing your space (slowly but surely, the apartment is coming together – just don’t ask to see the guest room)

What are you happy about or thankful for today?

* I bought this book in outdoor book market in Nice on a trip to France with my grandma in 2003 – I gave the book to J, but not before copying all of my favorite thoughts from it into my quote book.


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #8

  1. Can it be Three Things Sunday? Because I am so far behind?

    1. Waking from sleep to hear rain on the roof and knowing it could have been snow.

    2. Watching robins chase each other around the front yard as they set up housekeeping.

    3. Spending an evening watching musical theater with my husband.

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