Three Things Thursday #2

It seems a long time since the morning mail could be called correspondence.
— Jacques Barzun

Check out the origins of this post (way back last week!), if you’re just joining us.

1. Getting mail from far away friends after you’ve had a bad day. (This was more prevalent in the days before email, of course, but that makes it doubly exciting now.)

2. Lying on the back of someone’s car with your best friend, looking at the stars, wondering if people are real and what fish think about.  (The answer, according to Aimee when we did this in high school, is “Girl fish.”)

3. Staying in the shower as long as you want and never running out of hot water.

I know you must be happy about something – tell me what it is in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday #2

  1. 1. Sleeping in until you wake up naturally, or until you get a cold kiss from the nose of your wakeful puppy.

    2. Coffee ice cream.

    3. Sunshine even if it IS really just pulling your leg that spring is arriving.

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