Christmas Shoes

The bowling alley is the poor man’s country club.
— Sanford Hansell

These are the rad bowling shoes David got me for Christmas:


They were actually kind of a joke, but I love them so much!  David bowls in a league (I was disappointed to discover they do not wear matching shirts), and a couple of months ago, I was with him at the pro shop when he was having some work done on his balls (hee), and they had a wall full of bowling shoes.  I never knew that the bowling shoes real bowlers wear don’t look anything like the bowling shoes you rent at the bowling alley.

Anyway, they had four or five different ones like this – black with red flames, white with blue flames, black with blue flames, white with pink flames, etc – and these.  I jokingly suggested to David that he get the black ones with the red flames and that I get the white ones with the purple flames, and then we could be that couple at the bowling alley with the matching bowling shoes.  We laughed and that was it.  Little did I know – well, actually I did figure it out – that he went and bought those shoes for me!

We bowled with his friends while we were in Michigan – every last one of them was better than me, even in my fancy new shoes.  Turns out, the shoes don’t improve your game – that takes actual practice.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Shoes

  1. Very cool shoes. Seems like they should improve your game somehow! Who knew that all bowling shoes weren’t like the creepy ones you have to rent! 🙂

  2. This is the best Christmas Shoes story ever. Really. Not to mention they really are pretty snazzy. If I ever start bowling again on a regular basis I will be looking into my own cool pair of bowling shoes.

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