Michigan Bound

“I’m talking about France, my queen.  Don’t you want to see the Eiffel Tower, stroll along the Champs Élysées?”

“Is it so much better than Detroit?”
— from Polish Wedding

This is it!  This morning we’re headed for the Great White North.  Yes, I know that’s really Canada, but you almost can’t get any closer to Canada without actually crossing the border, and have you seen the Detroit weather reports?  David has been torturing me with thrice-daily weather updates for at least a week – he knows there’s nothing I hate more than to be cold, and it is hella cold up that way these days.  I’ve packed every sweater I own and about 12 pairs of socks, plus boots, my big winter coat, a scarf (maybe I’ll take two!), and gloves.  I’m still going to freeze, I just know it.

The purpose of our trip is to visit David’s family for the holidays.  Of course, this is my first time meeting his mom, dad, step-mom, and brother, so I’m a little anxious.  He assures me everything will be fine, and I believe him.  I’m looking forward to meeting them, and his friends.  One of our old co-workers is also from the area and will be there with his wife at the same time we are, so we hope to meet up with them, too.

This is the first Christmas I’ve ever spent away from my family.  I’ve tried not to dwell on that fact, but I might be a little homesick that day.  The Conductor’s birthday is on the 3rd, though, so I’ll get to see everyone pretty soon after Christmas anyway, which is good.

We’ll be back next Tuesday, probably, after a stopover in Central PA at my parents’ Monday night.  Perhaps we’ll start back Sunday instead, depending on the weather forecast along our route.   And, I might actually really get to Canada – David told me to bring my passport because “going through Canada on the way back only adds 30 minutes, plus Customs.”  So we’re maybe going to have lunch in Niagra Falls.  If we do, we should swing by my grandparents’ outside Buffalo, but that may be too much to do in one trip, we’ll see.

I’ve got Pico all set up  with plenty of food and water, and my downstairs neighbors will be checking in on him.  I hope he doesn’t go too crazy while I’m gone.   The plants are watered, the trash is taken out, and the heat is turned down.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I don’t know what.  It will probably come to me about the time we pick up the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  Whatever it is, I hope they sell it in Michigan!

You might get one more post before my return, but I’m not making any promises.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, if you’re celebrating (and a happy early birthday to Karen, a Christmas Eve baby); may Santa bring you whatever your heart desires, and may there be peace on Earth, at least for a little while.


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