Random News

Be your own master!
Be your own Jesus!
Be your own flying saucer! Rescue yourself!
Be your own valentine! Free the heart!

— from Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, by Tom Robbins (talk about random . . .)

Man, this blogging thing is hard to keep up with!  I apologize for my absence . . . two Saturdays ago I was down in Richmond for the day watching the kids, and I took my computer with me.  When I packed up to come home, I managed to leave my power cord plugged in at Nate’s, and I wasn’t able to get it back til this past weekend, so that explains much of the dearth of posting (I’ve not yet gotten the courage to blog from work!).

So, what’s new?  I’m reading your blogs, and you’re going on dates and training for new jobs and reporting on your quest to visit 25 different Hooters’ locations (seriously – go read that one) and so many other exciting things, I feel like my life is pretty boring.

In relationship news, David came down to Richmond with me this weekend, and my grandma drove up from Greensboro to meet him.  Everything went great, and we had dinner with Nate and Molly and the kids, and I rolled around on the floor with the kids laughing my fool head off because how could I not?  They are ridiculous.  Later, David said, “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you happier.”

In a stunning non sequitor, I’ll tell you that David and I have been watching season 1 of The West Wing on DVD at my place and, until recently when it rolled over and started at the beginning again, season 7 on Bravo — via TiVo — at his place.  I own several shows on DVD, but TWW is the only one I’ve watched twice so far, though Friday Night Lights is up next in preparation for the new season (on NBC; season 3 is already airing on a special channel on DirectTV) in February.  What shows can you watch over and over?

I love TWW.  For practically every episode of the first 3 or 4 seasons, a bunch of us would head to our friend Andre’s place to watch as a group every Wednesday.  We’d drink beer and smoke (back then, we all smoked; now almost none of us do) and kid about what it would be like if we were the party in power.  Andre was selected as president; Robert was his chief of staff (because, like Jed Bartlett says, if you trust your best friend with your life and he’s smarter than you, he should be your chief of staff); I can’t remember Nate’s job or Aimee’s (chime in, will you?), but I was always gunning for press secretary.  I wanted to be like CJ.  Robert was never sure that was the job for me, and I can’t remember if I ever convinced him.  He’s right though – I’m a smart girl, but I’m not good at thinking on my feet (which is why I’ll never be a trial lawyer).  Anyway, I also have season 2 on DVD, so we’ll watch that next and wait for Bravo to get around to Season 3.

TiVo is both a blessing and a curse.  I can watch so much that I would otherwise miss, which is great.  But, because I can watch it whenever, I almost never watch stuff the night it airs, so I can’t talk about the shows with people (like Grey’s Anatomy – last week Karen put GA spoilers in her Facebook status and I was still two weeks behind!) until the buzz has already worn off.  But I love that it suggests things for you to watch – David’s TiVo always records Ace of Cakes as a suggestion, and I dig that show.

My fantasy football season is all but done.  It’s all over but the crying now.  I’m in second to last place and it stinks.  I never win.  I was wrong before when I said I’d never made the playoffs in all the seasons I’ve played — I made it once and placed third.  This year I won’t even get close.  Boo.

Thanksgiving is coming!  I love Thanksgiving; it really is my favorite holiday.  David and I are going to my grandparents – everyone will be there, and I can’t wait!  What are your plans?


5 thoughts on “Random News

  1. My dad has the entire West Wing series on DVD and I’m going to borrow it from him and then take like 2 weeks off of work and just watch all of it at one time. I’ve never seen a single episode.

  2. That’s right – Brad was president and Dre was VP. It’s all coming back to me now. Good times, indeed.

    Janey – do it. It’s so good; you won’t regret it.

  3. I seem to remember us flip-flopping for the press secretary job. But then it came up that my major in college was in dispute resolution so everyone just said I would be the White House mediator even though there wasn’t a character for that in the TV show. Figures, right?

  4. You’re right, Aimee. We fought over press secretary and then RT created the mediator position just for you! Those were the days . . .

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