Election Poll

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
— John Quincy Adams

Now, you’re all my kind of people, so I know I don’t have to ask whether you voted.  Instead, what with the talk of record turn out and long lines, I want to know how long it took you to vote today, from the time you reached your polling place til you cast your ballot and left.

Me, I arrived at my polling place – conveniently located at a senior center just a few blocks from my apartment – around 8:45 this morning and took my place among about 250 of my friends and neighbors.  I was prepared for a long wait, but the line actually moved pretty fast, especially once they separated the line by alphabet.  I was finished by 9:45, much sooner than I expected.  I’d like to say, too, that the election officals were fantastic – everything ran smoothly and there were no problems that I could see.  And the people in line seemed to all understand the enormity of what we were there to do, and everyone seemed happy to be there on such an important day – there was no complaining and lots of smiling (except the poor toddler who’s dad bumped his head on a partition divider when he attempted to calm his fussing by lifing him over his head – that didn’t exactly quiet the kid down).

So vote below, and share your voting stories, if you’ve got ’em, in the comments.  Now let’s sit back and see who wins this thing.


4 thoughts on “Election Poll

  1. I arrived before polls opened so that was about 10 minutes of waiting. Once the polls opened, we moved through pretty quickly – I was out of there in about 20 minutes. I took my children so they could see how it all works, and then we went out for donuts. Because well, you gotta have donuts.

  2. We were worried by all the predictions of 4 hour waits, so we got there about 8:45. Got a parking spot pretty close, and there was no line to speak of when we got inside. The longest part was the election official explaining to me how to fill in the circles completely and to make sure I noticed both sides of the ballot. He didn’t explain that to my husband, who was just ahead of me, so I found that somewhat irritating. But I smiled through it, just glad to be a part of something this historical. Basically it was painless. Now we wait…

  3. Oregon has a completely mail in ballot system. I turned mine in to the election center last Wednesday. One nice perk of turning in the ballot early was I stopped getting political phone calls. I just wish that worked on the mailings too.

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