It’s Auction Time!

People always say congratulations. When you’re a successful bidder, it means you’re willing to spend more money than anyone else. I’m not sure if that’s congratulations or condolences.
— Eli Broad

The Team GDT auction site is up and running at New items will be available every Sunday from today until August 15. Each auction runs for one week, from Sunday to Saturday.

I will have two handmade journals up for bid the week of June 22 and two hand-painted flower pots up for bid the week of July 6.

There is going to be a wide variety of items available over the next two months, many of them handmade, homemade, and/or one-of-a-kind, so check back weekly to see if something strikes your fancy. This is a great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping and support a great cause at the same time.

As a reminder, all donations support members of Team GDT as we Race for the Cure in Boston on September 7, 2008!


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