Clothes Questions

The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.
— Mark Twain

I was sitting in a meeting Wednesday and found myself distracted. I realized I was staring at my feet, marveling at how hot they looked in these shoes. (sorry to make you click – I couldn’t find a still photo) With my magenta toenail polish peeking out, and my feet tan from a weekend at the pool, I couldn’t stop looking at them. I decided the shoes are the sexiest thing I own, and I feel amazing and confident when I wear them. (I also own a super hot pair of BCBGirl black quilted suede 4-inch peep toes, but they take a back seat to the other pair because they are less comfortable because they’re so high.) So I wondered, what’s the sexiest thing you own? It doesn’t have to be clothing, but I’m curious.

Also, I need pants. Badly. Every single pair of my work pants are too big – some by a lot, some by just a little, but it’s getting to the point where I really need to get new ones. And I’ve been looking, but since I’ve lost weight, I don’t know where to shop anymore. Ann Taylor Loft is my new, favorite go-to for tops and dresses, but none of their three styles of pants fit me right, so I have to find something else. I’ve tried Macy’s, but that’s hit or miss mostly, and I haven’t found anything I love there. Where do you buy pants? I live in a major metropolitan area, so I bet if you name it, we have it, and I can check it out, but I don’t want to just go from store to store getting frustrated. I want recommendations, please.


2 thoughts on “Clothes Questions

  1. I’m going to say start with Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Anthropologie (if you have some spare$$ laying around) and then proceed on downward to The Gap, or some place like Filenes or insert your local discount store here.

    I like Ann Taylor Loft. You get your moneys worth, for sure.
    It’s a tad conservative for me, but they’ve changed a lot and are back on the fashion tip.
    These are all strictly my opinions.
    I can never, ever find bottoms. Forget jeans! It’s sad.

    I will say, retail therapy really can be all that and congrats on your smaller sizes, babe 😉

  2. For pants, try AT (different cuts from ATL), Banana, Gap, or Talbots. I usually wear skirts to work because it’s so hard to find pants that fit.

    The sexiest thing I own is definitely shoes, but it would be hard to pick which pair.

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