Seven Minutes in Heaven

“He kissed me, and for one special moment, my own little life was as big as I could ever want it to be.”
— Aunt Glady, in Home for the Holidays

I’ve been thinking about a boy recently, because I’m going to see him again soon, and if I had my way, I’d just sit in his car and kiss him for hours. I won’t get my way when I see him, but the memory of the night I did sit in his car and kiss him for a few moments is one of my all-time favorites.

No one who knows him believes me when I tell them he’s the best kisser ever, because he’s a bit shy and soft-spoken and impossibly smart and kind of awkward (and impossibly tall, too, by the way, and we all know I dig that) . . . a little like

When I looked for you
I almost passed you by
You were so cool and calm
I thought my friends had lied
But I thought so much reserve
Must make you wild inside

— Tracy Chapman, Smoke and Ashes

But it’s true, and when I asked him, sitting in his car late one night, if I could kiss him, he said yes, and he closed his eyes and leaned in, and I closed my eyes and leaned in, and my fingers lightly touched his cheek . . . I can’t even describe to you how perfect it was, because there really aren’t any words. The best I can do is tell you that it was soft and tender and warm, and that if I had to survive the rest of my life on the memory of that kiss, I could.

I don’t know how we went from that moment in his car, which came at the end of a night of us pretty much talking only to each other despite being surrounded by 25 other people, to his telling me four days later that as good a time as he had that night, he didn’t want to date anyone while he was in school, to a month later when he started dating someone else, but we did. And the thing that bothered me most about it was not that it had turned out to just be me that wasn’t good enough to warrant a distraction from school work, but that the other girl got to be on the receiving end of those kisses and wondering if she knew how special he was.

So I’m interested: what was your best kiss? Was it with your spouse or significant other, or someone from your past? What made it so special? Share what you’re willing to, in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Seven Minutes in Heaven

  1. Ah. Someone from the past… And the thing is it wasn’t just the kiss, though the kiss was awesome, but the whole night – the hanging out sitting on the floor talking for hours about everything and nothing.

  2. I’ve known some good kissers in my day. I remember one person who I was just content to kiss forever. I felt like those kisses never had to move forward into anything else. He was a great kisser.

  3. I have known some good kissers in my day too.
    But my husband is still the best kisser. And if I’m still getting butterflies after knowing him for 9 years and being married for 6, that says a lot to me.

  4. My first kiss with every single person I’ve ever kissed has been amazing. I love first kisses. I would trade all of the stability of a relationship for a lifetime of frequent first kisses.

  5. Alright, so I cheated. I knew this was coming so I had some time to formulate my response. My favorite kiss has to be the second kiss from the first guy I ever kissed, Jeff. The thought of it today still warms my heart. My response got too long so I put it up at my own blog (I know completely self promoting on your blog – I’m sure that is really bad blogger etiquette)

    “We stood there hidden by the tall hedge, looking at each other for quite some time. Then finally he leaned in and kissed me. Fireworks were going off and I just stood there while he kissed me. He leaned back and said….”

  6. Karen’s a cheater!

    You guys are great – I love all your stories. First kisses are awesome, and kisses that come randomly when you weren’t really expecting them, and kisses that don’t have to lead anywhere get rarer as you get older (and then probably it goes back the other way as you get really older!), and that’s what mine was.

    Colleen, that’s so sweet. I’m glad he’s your best!

    On a side note, can I just say that today is my highest number of page views ever – it’s about three times as high as normal – and it’s freaking me out a little bit.

  7. Hah, add me to the number of page views. My first kiss was nothing special. (How’s that for breaking the streak?) In fact, my favorite kisser was a girl I only got to kiss a couple times… and that was it. Whoops, hope my girlfriend doesn’t see this.

    And since another W. pimped her blog here: I independently started my own “Memory Lane of Love” series today. Incredibly, one girlfriend will take multiple posts to get through. Apparently it’s another family tradition.

  8. I can’t let that challenge go unattended…

    I remember my first “real” kiss. It was deep and unanticipated. It was the start of a very short lived high school “relationship” that started and ended within the span of a weekend.

    We had a long and passionate kiss that was stolen and hurried (yet infinite in a way) in an empty stairwell during a high school dance.

    Our interest was like a two day flu and was over by the next Monday. But I remember the kiss. So strange and welcome while at the same time foreign and forbidden. Beth, I hope you remember things as fondly as me.

    And thanks Melanie, for encouraging me to articulate memories long forgotten (but not suppressed).

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