Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

Sometimes cameras and television are good to people and sometimes they aren’t. I don’t know if it’s the way you say it or how you look.
— Dan Quayle

After much research and consultation with the people at Circuit City, my brother, and you commenter-types, I finally bought my very own digital camera! I went with the Canon Powershot A720. I had my eye on one that had a bit more zoom but was otherwise mostly the same, but chose this one because it has a viewfinder, which I think will come in handy on sunny days when the LCD screen is obscured by glare. The guy at Circuit City said the difference between the 6x zoom I got and the 10x the other camera had was not a big deal. I was hoping to score one with a tilting LCD screen, but they don’t make very many of them anymore, and the least expensive one was about $150 more than I wanted to (and could, reasonably) spend. Oh well.

Also, because this one was a bit cheaper than the other one with more zoom, I got the camera, a carrying case, a 2G memory card (on sale for the same price as the 1G), and a Duracell 4-battery rechargeable battery dealio for only $3.91 more than the amount I told myself I could spend (which, thanks to Aimee and Tim and my grandparents, was about $150 more than my original budget!)!

I got it yesterday and got it all set up. I don’t really know what to show you; I’ve only taken pictures of my cat so far, and that’s kind of boring. But he’s pretty handsome, so let’s take a look, shall we?


Hmm. I don’t really get why I have to resize all of these pictures (I had to do the ones from Houston too, which Aimee burned onto a CD from her camera). They’re HUGE, and I’m having to edit them in Microsoft Photo Editor to be 80-85% smaller than they are when I open them. I wonder why that is? Seems like they’re going to take up way more space on my hard drive than they should because of that.

Anyway, so that’s done, and I’m pretty excited about it. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions; it was very helpful!


4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

  1. If you want your pictures to be smaller and take up less space, you need to change the resolution settings in your camera before you take them. HOWEVER, I don’t recommend that. I shoot 100% of my pictures at the highest resolution possible. They take up a crazy amount of space. But I know that the one time I have it turned down, figuring I only want a web shot, I will take a picture that I want to have printed. When printing photos in large sizes (much of the art in my house is my own photography printed through Shutterfly at either 16×20 or 20×30 size), you want the best highest resolution biggest file you have.

    Here is my method: I upload the pictures to my computer (an external hard drive that is nothing but photos, actually). I put them in a folder that is labeled by date. Then I put another folder inside that labeled “web”. I have a PhotoShop automated process created that goes through my pictures and saves a copy in that web folder that is the standard dimensions and resolution I want for the website. This takes up a lot of room, I suppose, but anytime I want to email a photo, I have it in a good size for that, and if I do want prints later, I still have the original big version.

  2. You might also consider a quick and simple Windows powertoy called Image Resizer.

    “Image Resizer

    This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.”


    Using this you can select a number of files and resize them in place or as copies via R-click menu option. Pretty handy at times.

    Personally, I crop and resize each individual picture that I’m considering using for web stuff.

  3. Happy belated b-day! You will have so much fun with the camera! And thanks for the supportive words about tests and such! They did help!

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