Pick My Birthday Present

You may send poetry to the rich; to poor men give substantial presents.
— Marcus Aurelius

It’s almost my birthday and I’m getting a fat tax refund check this year. No, I’m not blowing it all; in fact, nearly all of it is going to pay off my credit card. But I am saving about $200, give or take, to buy myself something nice. So far, I have narrowed it down to three things:

1. Food Saver (for a persuasive argument on why I need one, see here)

2. digital camera (I may be the only person in the world without one, and until now, I haven’t really wanted one, but blogging is more fun when there are pictures, I think)

3. scanner (this is the one I’m least familiar with – I really just want to scan old photos so I can save them on my computer, but space-wise, it might make sense to replace my old ink jet printer with a scanner/printer, but I don’t know what any of the technical terms mean, so it’s hard to know if I have my eye on the right thing)

So, thoughts? Brand suggestions? Things to beware of or look for specifically? Any other ideas? All advice is appreciated!


10 thoughts on “Pick My Birthday Present

  1. Heck yeah get a camera.

    Consider a Sony CyberShot (any DSC model). They are small, power on is fast and quick , they are durable, feature rich, easy to use cameras.

    USB scanners are very inexpensive and pretty easy to use. You should get one right now. At Walmart. Scan those old pictures. You’ll be pleased with how they turn out.

    Don’t worry about a printer. Go paperless. Digital rocks.

  2. As far as brand recommendations go – I’m a Canon girl. My carry-around is a Canon A620 that is a couple of years old but has really dropped in price lately. My DSLR is a Canon EOS 40D and I also love the Digital Rebel XTi with a passion. (I know those both overshoot the budget – ha ha, “overshoot” – but in case you find a winning lottery ticket in one of your birthday cards, they are great cameras.)

  3. I vote for the camera too, you will have SO MUCH FUN with it! It will be a gift that will keep on giving. Oh wait…that’s another advertisement. Happy Birthday

  4. Camera!
    Hello, McFly!
    We have a fabulous little Olympus that sounds like Spike’s Sony.

    You won’t regret it.
    When is your birthday?

  5. Ok, ok, you guys. I was leaning towards a camera anyway. Maybe Nate will drop some techno knowledge on me tomorrow when I head down to Richmond so he can take me out for a pre-birthday dinner, since I will be in Texas for my actual birthday next weekend (the 17th, Coll).

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