Breaking News: Dentist Married?

Gotta make my plans so in case
I’ll be prepared when I see you smiling
— Des’ree, Feel So High

Ok, it’s not so much breaking news as I-found-out-Thursday-and-forgot-to-post-about-it-until-now, but who’s counting? The deal is this:

My co-worker, the one who referred me to the Dentist in the first place, had an appointment with him last Wednesday. Thursday morning at work, I stopped into his office and said, “So, how’s my boyfriend the Dentist?” (he knows I asked him out). He said, “Oh, you know what? He’s married.” I didn’t even get that sinking feeling in my gut right away because it was just so absurd it didn’t click with me. “What?” I asked. My co-worker said, “I was surprised too, but he said something about ‘my wife,’ and I said, ‘You never told me you were married,’ and he just said, ‘Yeah.'”.

My first thought was that he got married over the holidays to the someone he told me he was seeing when I asked him out in November, but it seems like he would have said as much to my co-worker, and that he would have told me he was engaged when I asked him out. I think it’s very suspect. If he’s been married for some time, why would he just tell me he’s “seeing someone”? And if it’s recent, why wouldn’t he say so when my co-worker expressed surprise at his being married (he’s been going to him for more than a year)? As usual, I’m overthinking things, but this is what I do.

I tried to plot a way to find out if this is true before I go back to see him next month, but I haven’t come up with anything stealthy enough. I don’t really want to just ask him outright at my next visit because a) I don’t want him to think I think he lied to me in November (because I don’t, at least not without more details), and b) I don’t want him to see the disappointment on my face if he says yes.

Hmmm. What to do, what to do. No, really, I’m asking: what to do?


4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Dentist Married?

  1. First of all, whoa.

    Maybe you could make some casual convo about a local restaurant or store that you’ve been to recently and say, “do you and your wife like that place?”
    You know what I mean?
    Bet it would work!

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