Things to Be Happy About, Vol. 10

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.
— Albert Schweitzer (oddly enough, this is also often attributed to Ingrid Bergman)

Honestly, I am over this. I think I might drop this feature from weekly to biweekly or even monthly – or maybe just “when I feel like it.” I don’t know; I just wasn’t in the mood to post yesterday. I kept meaning to, and then didn’t. It’s not that I don’t see the value in it, and it’s not because I’m feeling down or anything, I just . . . I guess it’s that this started when I wasn’t sure I’d have enough to say to sustain a blog, and thought this might give me an easy way in to posting. It turns out I’ve got more to say than I thought, I’d rather be free to do that than be constrained by a schedule, even one as lax as this (and I do know that it’s me who’s constraining myself, always demanding that things go in a precise order).

So, here is tonight’s list, which may have to sustain you for some time. [Confession: not all of these are actually in my little notebook yet; I cheated a little today and added some on the fly. I’m unpredictable like that.]

1. my crossdressing 2-year-old nephew [This kid is a riot; he loves his trucks, but he also loves his sister’s dress up clothes, especially her princess dresses. I’ll post a picture if Nate says it’s ok Here’s a picture:]

2. the National Air Force Memorial at sunset [I saw this through the train window on the way home tonight, and with the sun almost totally set and the clouds, it was gorgeous]
3. fresh mojitos
4. walk-off homeruns

5. playoff football
6. chorizo and swiss cheese on a freshy, crusty baguette
7. the top of the Empire State Building on a clear day, not unlike this one [that’s me and Aimee]:

8. taking in a show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris
9. being friends with your brother
10. public libraries [when I was a kid, I think the limit at our library was 12 books at a time; I was in there almost every day in the summer – I’d rather read than do almost anything else]

11. sleeping with the window open for three nights in the middle of January [back to coldness tomorrow, boo]
12. an old hotel with lots of history
13. the big ferris wheel in the Toys R Us in Times Square
14. realizing that something you did really made someone’s day
15. when the floor is warm and toasty under your bare feet because the heating pipes run underneath it

16. clearing out clutter
17. waiting for it to rain so you don’t have to wash your car
18. “boy-blue” oxford shirts [you know the ones I mean, right?]

19. making the last payment on a credit card [yeah, this hasn’t happened for me in some time]
20. summer nights when it’s just cool enough for shorts and a sweatshirt

I’m working on Part 2 of Memory Lane; hopefully it will go up this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Things to Be Happy About, Vol. 10

  1. I am also happy to be friends with my brother. I didn’t realize how lucky I am to have him until I started witnessing the horribly screwed up relationship that Duke has with his sister. Yay for siblings that don’t suck!

  2. In college, I had what I called my “Happy Book” with a list of things that made me happy – they ran the gamut from the completely silly to deep and introspective. I have fallen out of the habit of noticing the smallthings and I think I probably need to start again!

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